75% subsidy benefit for residents

INFO: From June 29th  the 75% subsidy will be applied, for the passengers certifying the residence in the Canary Islands, in the inter-island connections. Click here for more information.

Siam Park, you will be surprised

The biggest water park in Europed, placed in south Tenerife. On 165.000 square meters, Siam Park takes you to the ancient Siam kingdom, placed where now is Thailand.

"With no doubts it will be the greatest water park around the world", says its founder, Wolfgang Kiessling,
Siam Park will have five world records, the park with the longest lazy river, the highest elevation within this channel (up to 8 meters), the most diverse water park with slides, world's largest Thai building outside Asia, because of their 25 Thai buildings, the biggest roof Thai outside Thailand longest and the largest man-made wave in the world.

Siam Express is a promotional package result of an agreement between Fred. Olsen Express and Siam Park whereby the customer gets a special price to buy the boat ticket and entrance to this spectacular water park.

Currently available for travel from Gran Canaria to Tenerife and the way to make reservations is through the website of Fred Olsen, telephone and booking information Fred. Olsen, 902 100 107 and travel agencies.

Enjoy the Canary Islands traveling with Fred. Olsen Express. Your Best Company.
28.10 €
for one passanger and one way