Enjoy the difference traveling in the Canary Islands

Traveling in Clase Oro is traveling with preferential attention before and during your trip, turning a simple journey into a distinguished way of traveling. These are the services you can enjoy traveling between islands with our 'Gold' and 'Priority' rates:

Boarding Priority

Traveling at these rates you will enjoy boarding priority and if you travel with a vehicle, also disembarking priority*.

Exclusive accommodation

Your accommodation will be our distinguished Clase Oro lounge. Here you will enjoy an exclusive terrace, privileged views, and extra comfortable seats. We also offer meeting tables, plugs, and WIFI.

Personalized Attention

In our Clase Oro lounge, we serve you at your seat. We receive a small number of travelers to offer special and personalized treatment.

All inclusive

You will travel with everything included. The gastronomic variety includes menus, exclusive à la carte hot dishes and snacks for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Your drinks are also included.

Additional Information

*The priority of disembarkation with a vehicle applies exclusively to clients traveling with our 'Oro' rate.
** Crossings in our Clase Oro VIP lounge includes all the drinks and meals of your trip in an unlimited way. We also have a wide selection of meals adapted for celiacs, diabetics, or lactose intolerant, as well as vegan and ovolactovegetarian options. Requests for these special menus must be made up to 48 hours before yout trip, during the purchase process, or by sending an email to reservas@fredolsen.es
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