Fred. Olsen Express, a revolution in sea links in the Canary Islands.

Since the founding of the company, Ferry Gomera, S.A., in 1974, Fred. Olsen has firmly stood by his resolve to develop maritime links in the Canary Islands.

Fred. Olsen's goal has always been to connect the islands of the archipelago via the shortest routes, at the same time offering maximum speed and comfort.This project was launched on 8 July 1974 when the first ferry set sail from San Sebastián de La Gomera to Los Cristianos. However, this historical event was just the beginning of Fred. Olsen's long-term commitment to the Canarian community.

Some years later, with the service between Tenerife and La Gomera running smoothly, a period of growth and development took place throughout the Canaries. Today, the company Fred. Olsen, S.A., has reached its goal to offer sea links around most of the Canary Islands, maintaining its initial objectives clearly in sight: comfort and speed combined with quality service.

Fred. Olsen Express is a clear market leader, covering 5 sea routes for passengers and cargo, carrying more than 3.000.000 passengers, 60.000 pets, 1.000.000 cars and 100,000 heavy goods vehicles each year (based on 2022 data).

Thanks to the incomparable service offered by Fred. Olsen Express and its fleet of spectacular, modern fast ferries, the Canary Islands have been brought closer together. Without a doubt, Fred. Olsen Express is your best choice for travel between the islands.



The business activity of the Olsen family in the Canary Islands dates back to 1904.

In particular, it was the Olsen family who established a small agricultural center in the south of La Gomera.

From then on, the family launched a maritime route as a means of exporting to the rest of Europe the tomato and banana crops produced in the La Lomada de Tecina and Playa de Santiago.
With the passing of time, Fred. Olsen has upheld his commitment to the local people to invest profits made back into the Canary Islands, thus boosting the economy and allowing the local community to obtain direct benefits from his success.
With this in mind, Fred.Olsen, S.A. has created more than 1,000 jobs in the islands and has invested vast sums of money into developing a modern, efficient network of maritime transport between the Canary Islands, as well as in other areas such as tourism and leisure.