Transport Conditions

FIRST: This ticket is personal and non-transferable, and its use by a person other than the ticket owner or holder will give rise to the liabilities set forth under the law.

SECOND: The owner or holder of this ticket has the right to be transported by the company through the route indicated on the ticket. The personal luggage carried by the holder shall also be carried, as long as its weight per person is below 20kg. The luggage shall be transported in the areas of the vessel dedicated to such purpose as indicated by the company. The company assumes no liability for the transport of valuables. The transport of illicit trade objects, as well as of those dangerous articles and/or goods included in the I.M.D.G. code is forbidden.

THIRD: The owner or holder of this ticket shall be covered by the Mandatory Travellers insurance throughout the trip. The passenger shall comply with the safety and police regulations, both general ones and those particular to the ship. The company shall not be liable for the results produced by the passenger's negligence or for non-compliance with the rules informed.

FOURTH: The price of this ticket shall not include any meals or drinks consumed on-board.

FIFTH: The carrier undertakes to do everything possible to carry the passenger and luggage with reasonable diligence. The times shown on the schedules and elsewhere are not guaranteed and do not form part of the contract. If necessary, the Company may replace the ship assigned to that journey and/or vary both the schedule and travel dates. In this instance the passenger shall only be entitled to either a refund of the price, or a new reservation for the first or subsequent date or time with seat availability, at the passenger’s choice.

SIXTH: This ticket shall be valid for one year from the issuance date unless otherwise agreed in the particular conditions of each of the rates. However, should the ticket not be used on the date it was reserved, and for the particular trip it was issued for, its owner or holder shall be entitled to use it as long as they request a new reservation and pay the rate difference, if any. The fees for changes in the reservation shall be those set forth by the transport company, and up to 25% of the ticket value. In the event the holder decides not to use the ticket before the end of the validity period after the reservation was cancelled, they shall be entitled to a 75% refund of the ticket's value. If the ticket was issued by a Travel Agency, this reimbursement shall be requested to such Agency.

SEVENTH: No claims shall be accepted if they are not accompanied by the ticket receipt. Moreover, any claim must be formalized in writing and presented on the ship or in the company’s offices during or at the end of the journey.

EIGHTH: The company is only liable up to the maximum sum per item specified in the maritime regulations in the unlikely event of any damage caused to luggage or vehicles. In the case of luggage carried inside a vehicle, the entire luggage is considered as one item. The operations of vehicle embarkation and disembarkation covered by this ticket are carried out by the owners of the vehicles or their representatives and the carrier is not liable for any damage caused during these operations, except when they result from the negligence of the carrier or its employees.

NINTH: Whenever requested by the system, boarding passes shall be picked up at the terminals. To this end, passengers shall arrive at the port with sufficient time in advance and before the boarding deadline indicated by the transport company. In all other cases, the printing of the boarding passes shall not be mandatory, and passengers will be required to present the personal

ID cards or passports listed in the ticket to board the ship. Non-resident passengers of the La Gomera inner route shall be exempt from presenting identity documents, and it shall be therefore necessary for them to present their ticket to board the ship.

In either case, once the boarding deadline has been reached, the transport company shall not incur in any liability whatsoever if a passenger and/or vehicle is not allowed to board.

TENTH: The carriage of both passenger (private) vehicles as well as freight vehicles shall be subject to company regulations, copies of which are available to passengers in the Sea Terminals. The transport of dangerous goods without the carrier’s explicit permission is strictly forbidden.

ELEVENTH: No agent, employee or representative of the carrier shall have authority to alter, modify or renounce any of the provisions laid down in this contract.

TWELFTH: a) Confirmation of departure on an OPEN ticket will not give rise to a refund. b) Tickets issued with promotional prices or on offer will be subject to specific conditions that should be consulted for each offer. c) Savings Packs are based on a specific number of passengers and are therefore indivisible. If a place is not occupied, this will not give rise to a refund and this place may not be used on a future sailing.

THIRTEENTH: The general conditions of transport may be affected by the condition of the individual tariffs or offers. Make sure that you know the specific conditions regarding the agreed price.

Time Limits. Unless otherwise stated on the ticket, as a general rule the passengers must be ready for boarding a minimum of 20 minutes before the ship’s departure. Vehicles should be on the dock and ready to embark 40 minutes before the ship’s departure time. In the event that the aforementioned time limits are not complied with, the passengers and/or their vehicles shall automatically lose their reservation.