Integrated Management System Policy


Fred. Olsen Express is Fred. Olsen, S.A.'s business unit dedicated to the provision of maritime transport services for passengers, vehicles, and goods between the Canary Islands, and for Freight Forwarding and Consignment services for the islands.


We work to be a safe, reliable, punctual and efficient company, and to be recognised for being innovative, accessible, and close to the community. Our aim is to satisfy the needs of all our clients, whether individuals or companies, under fair conditions, as well as the needs of the rest of our stakeholders with whom we have a close collaboration relationship (public administrations, shareholders, and suppliers). By achieving the organisation's objectives, we also want to contribute to meeting the objectives of our stakeholders, and especially to the development of the Canary Islands as a whole, and to protect its environment.


We believe that our main value is the organisation's Human Resources, an essential piece to articulate management policies and innovation. We continuously work to ensure that personnel is trained, knowledgeable, informed and involved, that they are consulted and able to participate; and we provide them with the material means and tools that guarantee adequate working conditions so that they can carry out their work in a safe, healthy, egalitarian, efficient manner that is satisfactory for all. Maritime safety is the basis of our management system, and therefore, in relation to personnel, we establish the availability of sufficient personnel on board, their specific functions, and the development of specific skills and clear authority required by the Captain to apply all safety guidelines, including occupational safety guidelines, and to deal with emergency situations, given the critical nature of dealing with these situations at sea, in order to prevent damage to passengers, crew, goods and the environment, prevent injuries and deterioration of the health of the crew and other workers.


In order to fulfil our commitments, we have undertaken -along with the involvement of the personnel and at the service of the objectives of the organisation- to develop an integrated management system that is simple and dynamic, involving agile methodological tools that facilitate the analysis of both the internal and external environment, the needs of the stakeholders, and the processes and their assessment, identifying risks and opportunities for improvement; a system capable of progressively integrating all perspectives: maritime safety, total quality, environmental, safety and occupational risk prevention, information safety, accessibility, and innovation. 


Fred. Olsen Express' management system observes the identification and compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, regulations, agreements, negotiations and standards, recommendations and other requirements for implementation, including the International Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and the Protection of the Marine Environment, those arising from the SOLAS and MARPOL Conventions, those aimed at protecting users' rights, ensuring their accessibility and protecting both workers' health and the environment, eliminating hazards and reducing risks, and any other requirements that may apply to us. In particular, a programme is established to monitor obligations and periodically inspect all ships, in coordination with the official and compulsory inspection and verification programmes set forth by the Maritime Administration and Classification Societies.


We are especially committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure the proper performance of the system and compliance with its requirements as planned. An explicit commitment is made to have the means and resources necessary to facilitate the implementation of the measures aimed at improving maritime safety, accessibility and mobility of users, equal opportunities, environmental protection, work-life balance, information security and business continuity, as well as those aimed at preventing occupational risks, work-related injuries, ailments, illnesses and incidents, prevent pollution, reduce atmospheric emissions and, lastly, to continuously improve the efficiency of the integrated management system.


The management at Fred Olsen Express is committed to continuously adapt and communicate this policy to the relevant stakeholders, using it as a framework to define the strategy and objectives for its successful implementation, and to develop its leadership functions based on the commitments set out therein, as well as to be accountable for the efficiency of the environmental management system.