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Do you have doubts for your next trip? Check here the most frequently asked questions from other travelers:

Purchases & Changes

How can I buy a ticket?

Is it safe to purchase it online?

Can I change a ticket?

Can I cancel a ticket and request a refund?

How far in advance should I cancel or change my ticket?

For how many hours before departure can I buy a ticket online?

What are the different routes offered by Fred. Olsen Express?

Can I redownload my ticket/boarding pass from the website?

Can I get an invoice for my online purchase?

Is there a call centre service to help me with my purchase?

What category do multipurpose vehicles fall into?

Can I buy a ticket for Canary Islands residents and non-residents at the same time?


What are the fares and requirements?

What discounts are available for Canary Islands residents?

What discounts are available for large families?

What are the discounts for Canary Islands Residents who belong to a large family?


What are the time limits for boarding?

What documentation do I need to bring to board the ship?

Can minors travel?

Can I travel without a vehicle?

What types of vehicles / measurements are allowed?

Can I travel with animals?

What are the restrictions for travelling with a car?

On board

Is the bar and cafeteria service available?

What is the on-board shop and what kind of items can I buy?

Is there a kids' playground area?

Will I have Internet connection during the trip?

Can I watch live DTTV during the trip?

What is the Ferry Bus and on what routes is it available?

What is Clase Oro? What are the benefits?

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