What documentation do I need to travel?

Travelling with Fred. Olsen Express is easy. All you need to bring is the identity document used to make your purchase (ID card, NIE, PASSPORT or SIMILAR) and the standard specific documentation, in the event that you travel under special conditions:

Personal ID card

Travellers with underage passengers

Travellers with pets

Proof of residence

Large family accreditation

Proof for other subsidies

Additional information

  • If you still need to provide documentation, large family, residence (registration certificate issued by the city council according to the template in Annex I of Royal Decree 1316/2001) or similar, you can validate it online up to 24 hours before your trip in the MY DOCUMENTATION* section of our website or by submitting it at any of our sales offices the days prior to your trip.
  • Whether you have not submitted the pending documentation, or if you have uploaded them to our website but have not received any notification from the company*, you must go to our customer service offices, located in the harbour terminals near your departure port, at least one hour before your departure time.  *Email or sms with subject MODIFICATION indicating that you can go directly to boarding.
  • Under no circumstances will it be possible to provide documentation after travelling.


* Travellers without ID cards (children or foreign passengers with Residence Certificate for Travel and NIE number) are not allowed to upload their documentation to our website.