50 years connecting the Canary Islands!

In 2024, we celebrate our 50th anniversary as the best option for travelling around the Canary Islands.

In these five decades, we have transported millions of people, made dreams come true and contributed to creating a more united archipelago. We have witnessed the evolution of maritime transport, the development of the Canarian territory and we have been able to adapt to new times, remaining leaders.

But, above all, in these 50 years, we have built a family. A family made up of our staff and our passengers. A family united by our commitment to excellence, customer service and sustainability. We are proud of what we have achieved, but we are even more excited about what the future holds.

It has been a great trip and we are going to celebrate!


1974 - 2024. Five decades is a long time. Along the way, we have experienced many exciting stories. We will share some of them with you on our social media. Is there something you have always wanted to know about Fred. Olsen, or someone you have always wanted to surprise? Write to us!


Thanks to our 86 million passengers, more than 800 current employees, and an incredible team over the years, we have come this far! To thank you, get ready for special promotions, a new mini ferry, family activities, competitions, birthday packs, and more.


We are celebrating 50 years with many draws! Follow us on our social networks, in our Newsletter or on this page to keep up to date with everything. You can win something great... that will take you far away!


Half a century together! July will be our month! We will celebrate this great date in summer with events and activities for our most loyal sailors, families, and travellers. All the details, coming soon on this page.

It is our year! We are heading for an exciting 2024. Join us!

Get to know our history

Our first trip, a great milestone on the islands.

It was on 8 July, 1974 when our ferry Benchijigua sailed from the port of Los Cristianos in Tenerife to San Sebastián de la Gomera for the first time. This voyage marked the beginning of a new era for inter-island communications in the Canary Islands.

The Benchijigua was a modern and comfortable ship, with a capacity for 399 passengers and 60 cars. The journey between Tenerife and La Gomera took only 80 minutes, which meant a significant increase in connectivity between the two islands. In just six months, the line carried more than 100,000 passengers, a milestone for La Gomera.

The success of the Benchijigua, our first ferry, gave impetus to the development of Ferry Gomera, which at that time was our commercial name. In the following years, we expanded our fleet and routes, becoming one of the favourite companies of the archipelago and opening new possibilities for the islanders.

Our philosophy has always been to offer you the best service: fast and comfortable. For this reason, in 1999 we were pioneers in high-speed transport in the Canary Islands, incorporating the first fast ferry to the islands' connections. And, in 2005, we acquired the first trimaran, a model of vessel that improves comfort on crossings and which has now become our flag ship.

Today, we are also a benchmark in terms of accessibility, sustainable development, and family-friendly transport, being the Canary Islands shipping company with the pet-friendly accommodation preferred by pets. All of this is thanks to you and our team, our true driving force.