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Special Fares, rates & discounts

In addition to our web, flexible and gold rates, we also have special rates and discounts, such as:

saving pack

Fred. Olsen offers to you up to 60% off on Inter-islands routes, travelling 5 people plus a car.

canary islands resident discount

For all our routes, both inter-island and the interior route of La Gomera, residents of the Canary Islands will receive a discount of 75%.**

young rate

Are you between 12 and 26 years old? You have a mini price so you won't miss anything!

 (younger than 26 years old).

group discount

Do not wait longer, if you travel in group with Fred. Olsen, you will have up to 25% off in your tickets in on inter-islands trips. +info

older than 60 years old

60 years old or more? Enjoy your journey with Fred.Olsen Express and pay less!

large family discount

Families that travel together in our inter-island trips, enjoy a huge discount with Fred Olsen!

* These conditions do not apply to the line Canary Islands - Huelva

** Proving fulfilment of the requirements of Royal Decree 1316/2001 and Decree 222/2000.