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Fred Olsen Routes

Tenerife Gran Canaria

Ship: Bencomo Express, Bentago Express
Duration: 80 minutes

Tenerife La Gomera

Ship: Benchijigua Express
Duration: 50 minutes

Tenerife La Palma

Ship: Benchijigua Express
Duration: 170 minutes

Gran Canaria Fuerteventura

Ship: Bonanza Express
Duration: 120 minutes

Gran Canaria Lanzarote

Ship: Bonanza Express
Duration: 4 hours

* From October 15, 2018

La Palma La Gomera

Ship: Benchijigua Express
Duration: 120 minutes

Lanzarote Fuerteventura

Ship: Bocayna Express
Duration: 25 minutes

La Gomera, inland route: Playa de Santiago Valle Gran Rey

Ship: Benchi Express
Duration: 40 minutes

La Gomera, inland route: S. S. de La Gomera Playa de Santiago

Ship: Benchi Express
Duration: 30 minutes

La Gomera, inland route: S. S. de La Gomera Valle Gran Rey

Ship: Benchi Express
Duration: 70 minutes (via Playa Santiago)

Ferrybus Tenerife

Los Cristianos ↔ Santa Cruz
Duration: 60 minutes

Ferrybus Gran Canaria

Agaete ↔ Las Palmas de G.C.
Duration: 25 minutes

We care about...

Join the short distances by sea

Fred. Olsen aware of sustainability and the need for environmental care strategy designed by sea route linking the shorter distances and facilitating better land connection.

Facilitate better land connection

For easy connection to our travelers by land have a free bus service connecting ferry to Gran Canaria Agaete port to the capital (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and Tenerife, Santa Cruz port in the north with the port of Los Cristianos in the south of the island.

Reduce time and costs

We know the advantages of going faster and that is why at Fred. Olsen Express we continuously work on improving and reducing travel times, as well as on providing you with the best connection by sea.

The following are among the advantages of having a fleet of high-speed ferries for inter-island routes:

  • We are your real alternative to air transport (offering also the option to take your car with you),
  • Faster movement translate into more savings for you,
  • Higher ground connection speed,
  • Possibility to travel to an island and return in the same day.

In addition, on our intra-island routes (La Gomera inland route), you can move around the Columbian island with all the comforts our Benchi Express has to offer, quickly and with the option of taking your bicycle or low-powered motorcycle with you.

Sustainability and ecology

Aware of the efficiency of resource Fred. Olsen has an ongoing leadership and innovation in sustainability and environmental ciudado maximum.

  • Designs routes and connections,
  • Our fleet of latest generation,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Green port,
  • Characteristics of fuel (to be developed),
  • Ongoing maintenance and efficient.