·  INTER-ISLAND TRIPS IN THE CANARY ISLASNDS: Currently all islands are in tier 1 and 2 so there are no mobility restrictions to travel between islands. Negative PDIA or 'Responsible Declaration' is not required at these alert levels. +info.

·  TRIPS BETWEEN THE CANARY ISLANDS AND HUELVA: check here the important information for your trip.


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The Fortunate Islands

The Canary Island archipelago enjoys a mild, spring-like climate all year-round, an average annual temperature of 22º centigrade and three thousand hours of sunlight a year. Surrounded by the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, they display all the diversity and wealth that makes this an archipelago that is unique in the world. Canaries is one of the regions of the world with the greatest biodiversity. It has a wide variety of landscapes: spectacular volcanoes, lush forests, deep ravines and wonderful beaches.

Spanish Mainland

Our connection between the Spanish mainland and the Canary Islands opens the door to endless possibilities. Are you planning to travel with your car to Andalusia or would you like to discover the Canary Islands on your own? If yes, choose our route!

Visit more than one island

It doesn’t matter which island you have chosen as your prime destination, you can make the most of your journey and visit other islands of the archipelago with the Fred. Olsen Express fleet of ships. The modern fast ferries that the company offers can make your visit to other islands an easy venture. The greatest distance between islands is a maximum of three hours. The closest is only twenty five minutes away, with frequent departures throughout the day.

Source: Canary Island Tourist Board official web site

4 h

4 h

The greatest distance between islands
25 min

25 min

The closest distance between islands
Frequent departures

Frequent departures

Throughout the day