• Passengers between Gran Canaria and Tenerife until January 22th: Check the status of your trip here. The trips operate without cancellations but with possible schedule changes. Important: all departures and arrivals are via Las Palmas de G.C.
  • Entry / exit restrictions for travellers to Gran Canaria and Lanzarote: check here the reasons allowed to travel, and the required certificate. If you need to change your ticket, you can do it through this link


  • Origin Huelva: check here the info for your trip.
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Consult all the hygiene safety measures implemented in our fleet


On Board
On Board
Capacity limited to 80%
Capacity limited to 80%

We keep our capacity reduced between 60% - 80% of our capacity of places to guarantee a wide social distance.

Cleaning and disinfection
Cleaning and disinfection

We guarantee exhaustive disinfection along with permanent cleaning of high-touch areas

Disembarkation by turns
Disembarkation by turns

To guarantee social distance also at disembarkation, we have reorganized our operations to do so in a staggered manner.


Our cleaning protocols have been certified and validated by AENOR, and include the following procedures:

Constant cleaning and disinfection Constant cleaning and disinfection - 2 Constant cleaning and disinfection - 3 Constant cleaning and disinfection - 4 Constant cleaning and disinfection - 5
Constant cleaning and disinfection

Our cleaning procedures have been reinforced on board, garages, port facilities, and offices


Special disinfection machinery Special disinfection machinery - 2 Special disinfection machinery - 3
Special disinfection machinery

Special machinery is used to guarantee further disinfection of our spaces


Hygiene points in every centre Hygiene points in every centre - 2
Hygiene points in every centre

We offer disinfectant gel at all our access points, cafeterias, and shops for passengers and staff

Less seats available Less seats available - 2
Less seats available

The availability of seats is reduced to ensure more space between travellers

Safe <br>seats Safe <br>seats - 2 Safe <br>seats - 3 Safe <br>seats - 4

Our seats are disinfected with certified products

Contact and crowd control Contact and crowd control - 2 Contact and crowd control - 3 Contact and crowd control - 4
Contact and crowd control

Special signalling has been arranged to ensure that the recommended distance is kept

Protected <br>service Protected <br>service - 2

We offer a safe service through the installation of screens, the use of masks, and the preferential payment by credit card

Elderly go first
Elderly go first

Preferential treatment is given to people over 65 in our offices, during boarding and while on board

Crew <br>training Crew <br>training - 2

The staff has been trained in specific hygiene and cleaning measures, and in assistance to passengers with symptoms

Recommendations for passengers Recommendations for passengers - 2 Recommendations for passengers - 3
Recommendations for passengers

Hygiene recommendations for passengers and their well-being are constantly issued and disclosed on our TV screens

Flexibility for ticket purchase Flexibility for ticket purchase - 2
Flexibility for ticket purchase

Any modification can be made for one year at no cost in all our fares. See the conditions here

Extension of protection measures Extension of protection measures - 2
Extension of protection measures

We are at your disposal for any suggestions aimed at improving our service.

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