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Pirámides de Güímar

Ethnographic Park and Botanical Garden

The Ethnographic Park and Botanical Garden Pirámides de Güímar is an outdoor museum that includes six stepped pyramids, oriented towards the sun on key astronomical dates. The Park, twice nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award, includes several open-air routes and specialized gardens, distributed over its more than 64,000m2. It is also one of the five botanical gardens of the Canary Islands.
The facilities include the Chacona Museum, where the investigations developed around the pyramids are revealed. An Auditorium, where the theories of Thor Heyerdahl, founder of the Ethnographic Park, as well as his incredible transoceanic expeditions in ancestral vessels are explained. There are also four self-guided outdoor routes. The Botanical Route presents the endemic species of the unique and irreplaceable flora of the Canary Islands. The Cultural Route and the Export Products Route reveal aspects of Canarian history and culture from the time of the conquest of the archipelago. The Volcanic Route shows the volcanic episodes that have occurred since the origin of the islands.
You can also visit the Poison Garden, unique in Spain for hosting more than 70 species of toxic and even lethal plants from all over the planet. This garden discovers the dark world of poisoners and poisons prepared from familiar but deadly plants. Two other botanical exhibitions have been developed in collaboration with the University of La Laguna. The Sustainable Garden is a reproduction of a Canarian ravine, including European eels in a watercourse and presenting the characteristic flora of these environments in a sustainable way. The Tropicarium reveals the life strategies used by orchids and carnivorous plants to survive in tropical climatic conditions. Finally, the exhibition Colonizing Polynesia. Rapa Nui: extreme survival presents the colonization of the Pacific Ocean and the spectacular culture developed in the distant and small Easter Island.
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