16/10/2012 | Fred Olsen

The route Gran Canaria - Tenerife experiences a important decrease in prices.

Santa Cruz, October 15th, 2012. - The leader in inter-island shipping company announces a new commercial approach in its system of rates between Gran Canaria and Tenerife.
This restructuring in prices is a noticeable decrease in the five pricing options that have Fred. Olsen Express (Class Gold, Base Rate, Reduced, Mini and Supermini) each differentiated flexibility, advance purchase and conditions.

Specifically, for example, per person each way from € 8 for students and from € 11.60 to buy a pack of 5 saving passengers and car.
The Base Rate, the most used by frequent travelers and professionals to be 100% flexible and unrestricted, is experiencing a greater reduction in 49 € being a resident with a car each way.

At the new prices, the shipping company, adds the best service of its staff and their boats getting Fast Ferries link the two main islands in about 1 hour cruise. It also places, available to passengers who need a bus service (bus Ferry) free from Agaete to Santa Catalina park of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in just 25 minutes on the new motorway.

Fred. Olsen Express is delighted to further facilitate the movement of people and goods in these difficult economic times, where the company with the best boats for short trips and also has the best prices.

For more information and all the details of new prices, those interested can visit the website of the company, call the call center (902 100 107), or go to your usual travel agency.