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Prepare your trip

Check the maximum times (limit) in advance with which you must show up at the port:

Traveling without a vehicle

Unless other time limits are shown on your ticket, as a general rule, passengers must be ready for boarding at least 20 minutes before the fsat ferry departs.

Traveling with a vehicle

In case of travelling with a car, passengers must be at the dock ready for boarding 40 minutes before the departure time.

Canary Islands - Huelva
On trips between the Canary Islands (Tenerife or Gran Canaria) and Huelva, the boarding time for passengers with and without a vehicle is one hour before departure.
However, for your convenience, we recommend that you arrive at the pier 3 hours in advance, to proceed with early boarding * upon arrival of the ferry (* subject to availability).


En el caso de no cumplir los tiempos límites mencionados para los horarios de embarque, los pasajeros y/o sus vehículos perderán automáticamente su reserva.