Terms of use for Fred. Olsen Tarjeta Plus



1) The purpose of the Fred. Olsen Plus programme is to establish a customer loyalty programme, offering journeys or other products to these clients in exchange for their using the services of Fred. Olsen, S.A. or any other company collaborating in the programme.

2) The Plus Card holder, hereinafter the cardholder, agrees to receive all periodic information from Fred. Olsen, S. A., and authorises his or her personal details to be registered, as well as movements of points accounts by the programme. Our privacy policy strictly complies with the Ley Orgánica 15/1999 (LOPD) [the Law on Personal Data Protection], to carry out the programme's purpose, and in all marketing and analysis activities that Fred. Olsen, S.A. and the companies associated with the programme engage in.

3) Cardholders (members of the Fred. Olsen Plus card) are those persons who, having correctly filled out the application to form part of the programme, have accepted the terms and conditions of participation in the aforementioned programme, which are sent with the card, on signing the card issued in their name.

4) Fred. Olsen Plus cards are personal and non-transferable, and shall be issued in the cardholder's name, with his or her personal number, and they must be signed by the aforementioned cardholder.

5) The cards are Fred. Olsen, S. A.'s property, and the cardholder is the receiver and user of the same, being responsible for its correct use and care. In the event of a lost or missing card, the cardholder is under obligation to inform Fred. Olsen, S. A. of this matter immediately.

6) There are several types of card, all with an expiry date. Once this date has been reached, they shall not be valid to obtain the programme's benefits.

7) The accumulation of points is personal to the cardholder, and for this reason he or she must also be the ticket-holder or the direct user of the services that lead to points. Points are not transmissible, they may not be exchanged for cash or other, and they are not negotiable under any circumstances.

8) Points accumulated through the Plus system do not expire, except where the Fred. Olsen Plus card has not been used for ONE NATURAL YEAR, either to obtain new points or to use previously obtained points.


9) The Plus card expires after 4 years.


10) On purchasing a Fred. Olsen Lines ticket, owners of a Plus card who figure as holders of the aforementioned ticket shall obtain a number of points that will depend on the price of the acquired ticket.

11) The value of points in euros shall be established by Fred. Olsen, S. A., and their value shall be made available to customers at all times.

12) Tickets for freight, groups, excursions, transfers and all tickets with an implicit commercial discount are not included in the Plus points programme.

13) The possibility to obtain points through other services that may join the programme shall be published at the suitable time.


14) Points accumulated through the use of services that entitle points to be obtained may only be exchanged for the journeys, gifts or services that are published at each given time on the table that shall be made available to the customers.

15) Points obtained through a service may only be used as from the first day of the month following the month in which they were obtained, and in all cases, never before the service in question has been used.

16) Points from different cards may not be accumulated to obtain tickets or gifts.

17) Points may be exchanged for journeys through the Booking Department or at the Fred. Olsen, S.A. ticket office. Points may be exchanged for gifts in our onboard shops and The Collection de Agaete and Los Cristianos shops.

18) The beneficiary of the use of points may be the cardholder or the person or persons appointed by him or her, but it must always be the cardholder who makes the bookings and to whom the tickets are given.


19) Fred. Olsen, S. A., shall periodically inform cardholders of their accumulated and/or used points balance.

20) The cardholders may also obtain information about their points balance at the Fred. Olsen, S. A. offices, through internet at www.fredolsen.es or by calling the relevant telephone information service.

21) If the information is not correct, the cardholder may place the appropriate claim, providing all the necessary documentation to do so.


22) Fred. Olsen, S. A. reserves the right to modify the following at any time and without prior notice: the points tables existing at a given time, the general terms and conditions or any other aspect concerning the programme.

23) The participation of companies associated with the programme may be cancelled at any time, without prior notice.

24) The Fred. Olsen Plus programme may be cancelled by Fred. Olsen, S. A. with prior notice of three months, which shall be the deadline for cardholders to obtain and use their points.

25) Fred. Olsen, S. A.. shall not be responsible under any circumstances for damages that may be caused due to the programme’s cancellation.

26) The Fred. Olsen Plus programme shall be cancelled without prior notice nor any responsibility for Fred. Olsen, S. A. if circumstances beyond their control arise at any time, or in the event of legal demands that prevent its development.

27) The cardholder may terminate his or her participation in the programme by cutting the card in half and sending it to or handing it in at any Fred. Olsen, S. A. office.

28) These General Terms and Conditions shall be governed, carried out and comply with Spanish laws and standards.

29) For any question that may arise from the interpretation and application of these General Terms and Conditions, the parties expressly renounce any jurisdiction that may correspond to them, and expressly subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.