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Teide Cable car Volcano Life Experience

The Teide Cable Car is located in the heart of Teide National Park, the largest park in the Canary Islands and the most visited in Europe.

The Teide peak

The best experience that can be had when visiting the national park is climbing to the summit of Mt. Teide, the highest peak in all of Spain, where the majestic volcanic landscape can be enjoyed in all its glory. The Teide volcano is one of the four tallest and largest structures on the planet, measured from the sea floor, and climbing to its peak in the Teide Cable Car is the best way to enjoy the immensity of the landscape, while soaring over its craters and lava flows.

The Teide Cable Car Visitor Centre

When visiting Teide National Park, the obligatory first stop is the Teide Cable Car Visitor Centre, the starting point for the main activities of the national park. The centre provides all the services necessary for visitors to obtain information and prepare for their visit. It has a large car park, café, restaurant, store, public restrooms, information centre, emergency services, bus stops and personnel who would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

Teide Cable Car

The Teide Cable Car, which began as one of the greatest engineering challenges in the Canary Islands, is today a modern system endorsed by the Swiss company, Garaventa.


Its two windowed cable cars allow visitors to enjoy a comfortable trip to the peak, covering a climb of 1,150 meters in just eight minutes. During the climb you will discover a mixture of colours and textures, along with the unique formations of this grandiose volcano.

Trails and vantage points

Among the entire network of vantage points in Teide National Park, the three trails on the Teide summit stand out. The exhilarating trails that lead to them start at the upper station of the Teide Cable Car. These routes allow visitors to discover the secrets of the Teide Volcano. The Pico Viejo route surprises you with what is without a doubt one of the most spectacular craters in the Canary Islands, the Fortaleza route allows you to see the very formation of Mt. Teide and the last and most unique of all, the Telesforo Bravo route, takes you to the summit of Mt. Teide itself. The end of this trail is something you will remember for the rest of your life; the view from the summit is an awesome spectacle of Nature in all its splendour.

Sunrise and sunset with the Teide Cable Car

Sunrise and sunset are magical moments on Mt. Teide. The geological monuments in Teide National Park are so large that their shadows and the light mixed with the colours of the sky and the spectacular sea of clouds produce unique and exhilarating effects.

In the words of Olivia M. Stone (1887)

“One of the most sublime achievements of Nature, in which all of its vast resources combine to offer a grandiose and supreme effect, is a sunrise seen from the peak of Mt. Teide.”

Altavista del Teide High Mountain Refuge

The Altavista Refuge was originally used by scientists to observe stars. Today it is a unique spot in the world at an altitude of 3,265 m, equipped for hikers and visitors who wish to climb to the crater of the great volcano of Teide National Park. It is located halfway up the traditional trail leading to the summit of the Teide volcano. In fact, it is the lodging located at the highest altitude in Spain, the perfect spot to admire the exceptional quality of the night sky. Spending the night at the refuge allows you to experience from the summit of Mt. Teide the first rays of sun as they inundate the landscape with colours, while the volcano casts its protective shadow over the ocean.


A spectacle under the stars

One of the most important astronomical observatories in the world is located on the summits of Mt. Teide. The excellent climate, clean air and altitude create perfect atmospheric conditions for observation. In fact, the area has the least annual cloud cover in all of Spain. Large telescopes are not required to enjoy the firmament above Mt. Teide, all you need is to keep a watchful eye on the night sky and you will discover the constellations and planets. A good place from which to observe is the Teide Cable Car, where our team of professionals will guide you on this unique journey among the stars which culminates your visit to the extraordinary Teide National Park.

Teide National Park

Teide National Park is an obligatory trip for everyone who visits Tenerife. It is the best place to admire the unique landscape of craters, volcanoes and rivers of petrified lava surrounding the impressive silhouette of the Teide Volcano, which soars to an altitude of 3,718 m. Because Teide National Park is a representative example of important stages of the History of Earth, it was included on the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 2007.

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