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Purchase Online

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Group reservation

Group reservation

We adapt to your needs!

That's why we offer a set of saving packages and discounts for groups and organizations (+ 9 people) to those who wish to travel inter-island on our ships.

Is this your case? Contact us now: grupos@fredolsen.es or fill out the form here.

Ferry Bus

Ferry Bus

We care about the planet, a lot! (and your comfort too). That is why, as part of our sustainable strategy, we make inland connections easier thanks to our inter-islands routes, minimising the environmental impact, as well as your worries pre and post trip!

With our free Ferry Bus service, your trip starts earlier and does not end at the port. How we do it? We take you to the departure/arrival ports, covering the following routes:

Passengers for Gran Canaria - Tenerife route

View Ferry Bus Itinerary

Passengers for Fuerteventura - Gran Canaria route

View Ferry Bus Itinerary

Passengers for Tenerife - La Gomera and Tenerife - La Palma routes

View Ferry Bus Itinerary
Your ticket on your phone

Your ticket on your phone

For your convenience, we have a free Ferry-ticket information service via SMS to your mobile. Once the purchase is completed, you will receive all the details of your trip.

Call center Spanish / English

Call center Spanish / English

Call Center phone number: +34 902 100 107.

For any need or help, go to our call center. It will offer, from Monday to Sunday from 8.00am to 20.00 pm:

Personalized service

Spanish and English speakers

Buying tickets services

Information service

Changes in the original ticket

Collection and redemption of points

Additionally, our call center offers you a comprehensive and personalized care for freight and logistics services:

Book and purchase tickets

Modifications and changes

Information service



All our ships are accessible to wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility*.

*Except for the Gold Class on the Bonanza Express, which has no mechanical lifting systems.

In addition, our land-based and on-board service crew will provide you with all the help and assistance you need throughout your trip on our inter-island routes. You simply need to request this service when you make your reservation and meet the scheduled arrival times in order to access the ship first (for logistical and security reasons), using our ramps or lifts.

Personalized Service

We offer free of charge assistance on our inter-island routes -by trained personnel- during embarkation, disembarkation, as well as throughout the trip.

Priority Embarkation

We offer priority embarkation on our ships that cover inter-island routes for drivers with reduced mobility who request the service beforehand.

Preferential area

Travel in this comfortable area which is connected by ramps, close to the emergency exit and other on-board services, and featuring armchairs with reclining armrests (except the La Gomera inland route, where seats have no armrests), which will make access and transit for passengers with reduced mobility easier.

Request access by wheelchair*

If, for your convenience, you require a wheelchair to embark/disembark during our inter-island trips, please request one in advance (when purchasing your ticket) and our staff will have it ready for you to use when embarking and disembarking from the ship.

*As the ship that provides the service in the La Gomera inland route is not equipped with wheelchairs, the client must bring their own chair.


Travel with pets

Travel with pets

Can you travel with your pet?

Yes and, for their safety, provided that you meet the following requirements:


Up to 6 kg (1)

They can travel with you on-board, as long as you use a certified case.

Over 6 kg (2)

On our inter-island routes, we have cages in the garages of the boats for the homologated trip of your pet. Please note that you will not be able to access this area until the end of the trip.

On our interior route of La Gomera, the homologated cages are on the upper deck of the boat, this being an area accessible during the journey.

Both cases (1 and 2)

      In our inter-island trips, your pet can travel in your car, under your responsibility.

  • We recommend leaving the car windows open so that there is sufficient air circulation.
  • Please keep in mind that you will not be able to access this area until the end of the trip.
  • You must bring your pet's documentation with you
  • The passenger is solely responsible for any damages caused to Fred Olsen Express related to the transport of animals.

Do you need more info? Do you have questions or is your case special? Contact our call centre now.

Guide dogs. Regardless of their weight, all guide dogs will be able to travel along with the passenger on board our boats.

Luggage / Slogans

Luggage / Slogans

You can carry up to 20 kg / person.

Inter-islands travel: carry what you need with the greatest possible comfort. How we do it?


Luggage trolley

Get it right before boarding, and pick it up upon arrival (except for the boat that covers the Fuerteventura - Lanzarote route, which holds packages and luggage aboard the boat).

Locked packages

You can keep your luggage locked and safe until arrival to the destination for just €1.

Intra-island travel (La Gomera inland route): choose whether to carry your luggage with you or place it in the containers you will find on board, you decide!


Destination guidelines

Destination guidelines

Get the most out of your trip using the online destination guides, loaded with useful information on the lucky islands Fred. Olsen Express travels to:

Places of interest

What to eat



Map of the island

Weather Info

Do you want to know all that and more? Access our destinations now:

Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La PalmaLa Gomera.

And one more thing! To make the most out of your trip, discover our offfers.

Bills emision

Bills emision

You can get your invoice online from our website.

Free service

24 hours


After purchasing the ticket.

In our inter-islands trips, whether you travel in Regular Class or in Gold Class, or our intra-island route, our on-board services will guarantee you a pleasant trip... time will fly!
Shop on board

Shop on board

Among all the varied and interesting gifts and items available in the stores of our boats, you will find many from our own brand!

“Fred Olsen - The Collection”

A brand that stands as a quality benchmark across its product range.

Modern, attractive, dynamic, and inspired by our passion: the sea!

You can also find "Fred Olsen The Collection" at the Hotel Jardín Tecina store in La Gomera.

A plus in your purchases

Exchange your Fred Olsen Express Plus Card points for products at our store!

Bar and Cafeteria

Bar and Cafeteria

All our ships have an on-board bar and cafeteria service where you will be able to choose among a wide variety of snacks and drinks.
Find our offers and special menus on board the different ships and routes offered by Fred Olsen Express, and enjoy your trip with a full belly and a happy heart!

Oceans magazine

Oceans magazine

Find the Océanos Magazine on board our ships and discover very useful information about things to do and visit at our destinations, ideas, recipes, interviews, games for children, and much more!
Relax and get to read during your trip.

If you want to read the online version, click on the magazine you want:

Children's recreational area

Children's recreational area

Our boats covering inter-island routes have recreational areas where children can enjoy playing during the trip. This way you can have fun together!

Ball pit      |     Area with swings

Complete your child’s experience by visiting our on-board shop, where you will find children's items they will love!

Satellite Television

Satellite Television

Fred Olsen Express, as a leading and pioneering company in passenger service, has a satellite connection with full coverage to enjoy high-quality DTT television aboard all its ferries covering inter-island routes.

Sit back, relax in front of the TV, and entertain yourself during the route!

...you will reach your destination in a heartbeat.

Make your trip an even better experience with our gastronomic and leisure offers.
Mirador de Abrante Restaurant

Mirador de Abrante Restaurant

Mirador de Abrante - Land, sea and sky.

Las Rosas Restaurant

Las Rosas Restaurant

Discover all that the Las Rosas Restaurant has to offer you.

Hotel Jardin Tecina

Hotel Jardin Tecina

 Discover all that the Hotel Jardín Tecina has to offer you.

Tecina Golf

Tecina Golf

Discover all that the Tecina Golf course has to offer you.