01/07/2012 | Fred Olsen

As usual, and before the arrival of summer, Fred. Olsen Express improve its schedules with the aim of providing a better service to its passengers in such dates.
In this sense, starting next Thursday, July 12, Fred. Olsen Express extended by two weekly connections between Tenerife - El Hierro.

Such action is a measure that is intended to satisfy the many requests received by its customers and various local government and will benefit all passengers starting their summer vacation from mid-July.
So, on Thursday, Friday and Sunday there will be a departure from both ports (Los Cristianos and Valverde) with High Speed ??Vessel Benchijiuga Express. A generation trimaran can accommodate more than 1,200 people and 300 vehicles.
This extension of time with El Hierro condition the schedule Thursday from 12:00 hours from La Gomera to Tenerife, which will delay at 14:00. Similarly, the output from Los Cristianos in Tenerife, from 14:00 passed at 16:30.
The other connections continue with its regular programming.

Schedules applied since July 2012 -

Tenerife - El Hierro:
Los Cristianos:09:00* (Thursdays and Fridays / 08:00* (Sundays)
Valverde: 12:00* (Thursdays and Fridays) / 11:00* (sundays)
* Via La Gomera

For more information you can call the Call Center Fred. Olsen Express (902 100 107), available on this website, or see your travel agent.