17/05/2013 | Fred Olsen

Up to 28 weekly departures this summer on the route between Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura

Fred Olsen Express doubles its frequency this summer on Line Gran Canaria-Puerto del Rosario up to 28 departures weekly.

  • The entrance of the fast-ferry service has increased the total market in more than two digits and change the traditional travel habit plane to ship by ship movements currently represent 55% of the total compared to 27% last year.
  • In less than a year since its launch Fred Olsen Express is the leader with a market share of 55% in Passage Vehicles and 60% load.
  • The new schedules allow round trips daily from Gran Canaria and on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays from Fuerteventura.
  • A Ferry-bus service will be provided, that will connect Morro Jable and puerto del Rosario in just 1h 30m.


The new schedules now available allow the movement of all types of travelers both for reasons of business and leisure travelers by combining excellent service, travel time and which raised prices to Fred Olsen Express as a leader in less than 1 year since launch.

The excellent acceptance of the new fast service has caused a large stimulation of market demand to grow more than 10% primarily capturing air traffic travelers and radically changing travel habits now prefer to travel by speedboat to save money, take the car and enjoying frequencies, schedules and superior quality service Fred Olsen Express.

The Fred Olsen Express bet on Fuerteventura will for the first time on the day shift to Gran Canaria 3 days a week. Will also facilitate the extension of the journey from Morro Jable to Puerto del Rosario free.